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Sergii koziakov & Partners Law Firm has successfully protected interests of one of leading national high precision outfit producers in defense industry

Professional implementation of expertise and proper judicial strategy building resulted in successful protection of interests of one of the biggest national high precision outfit producer (particularly in defense industry) by Sergii Koziakov and Partners Law Firm in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (the ICAC).

The subject of foreign customer’s claim (arms producer from the Russian Federation) was the recovery in amount of more than $ 10 billion from the Ukrainian enterprise under the foreign economic contract on delivery of arms production , which is subject to state control. The execution of the contract as well as further representation of client’s interests in the ICAC were complicated by direct influence of political tension between two states on their foreign economic relations and adoption of political and economic acts by the competent authorities of respective states in defense sphere.

By its Award as of 18 November 2015 the ICAC refused to satisfy the claimant’s demand. Such Award is remarkable for state owned enterprises-producers of arms and dual-use equipment and is principal for Ukraine.

Legal protection of Clients’s interests was provided by Managing Partner Mykola Podpalov, Counsellor Olena Hladyuk and Senior Lawyer Vitaliy Varenyk . Olena Belyanevych (Doctor of Law, Professor, Chief Researcher of the Research Institute of Private Law and Entrepreneurship of the National academy of legal sciences of Ukraine) and Mykola Pavlenko (Lawyer, Ph.D.) made considerable contribution into the support of the project.