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The Chinese Commerce Association was holding One Year Anniversary Ceremony

On 20th of September, 2016 the President-Hotel hosted One Year Anniversary Ceremony of the Chinese Commerce Association (CCA).

“Sergii Koziakov&Partners” Law Firm legal supported the establishment of the CCA and currently is an existing member thereof.

The Chinese Commerce Association was established on 18th of May, 2015 and is a voluntary, non-governmental, contractual, non-profit association of Chinese and Ukrainian companies with Chinese capital, and other entities that are interested in achieving the statutory goal of the Association.

The main goal of activities of the Association are to protect and defend the economic, social and other legitimate interests of its Members relating to conducting their statutory activities in Ukraine, especially in relations with state and local authorities. After it’s state registration, the Association will conduct it’s business activities in accordance with objectives and principles set out in the Statute of the Association.

In general, the Association will contribute to a new format of the trade and economic partnership of China and Ukraine. The cooperation Frame Contract between the Association and the Ukrainian CCI will expand the prospects of the Ukrainian and Chinese partnership even more and will pay for harmonization of the interests of all trade partners in the region.