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Counsellor with Sergii Koziakov&Partners Victor Kompaniets has provided comments for UBR concerning a new procedure of control over compliance of labor legislation in enterprises.

The powers of labor inspectors were expanded during checkups of Ukrainian business. Counsellor with Sergii Koziakov&Partners Law Firm Victor Kompaniets provided comments for UBR edition concerning innovations in Procedure of exercising governmental control over compliance of labor legislation, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, April 26, 2017.

Victor Kompaniets stated that the decision about inspection shall be subject to notifying registration by the State Labor Service of Ukraine or its territorial body prior to inspection itself. “It shall be recommended when checking the service certificate to additionally check for this certificate in the register on the State Labor Service of Ukraine website, and also check for the availability of verification solution in the State Labor Service of Ukraine bodies or the Executive bodies of local councils”, – he explained.

In addition, Counsellor indicated that individuals under verification may submit written explanations, comments on elimination of violations to the act or regulation and to require the labor inspector to make a record concerning checkup visits to the appropriate audit log. “The enterprise is also entitled to require the non-disclosure of information constituting a commercial secret or confidential information of the object of the visit and to appeal illegal actions of the inspector of labor,” – specified Victor Kompaniets.

He also referred the issue of appealing the prescription of inspector.