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Split of intellectual property rights: why would the founders do it and how to make it right

Split of intellectual property rights is critical if the company’s goods or services depend on certain IP assets. According to unofficial statistics, currently 76% of domestic enterprises have IP assets and create own intellectual capital. Moreover, these are far from being technology companies alone. According to capital market analysts, for the vast majority of large enterprises, IP assets account for about 60-70% of their value.

Split of intellectual property rights on time and in a credible manner has been an important part of attracting investment and an assurance that the company’s intellectual assets will not become the property of competitors. In order to avoid becoming a victim of own indiscretion, the founders should decide on the split of IP rights at the start of the business. The deferral of this issue until some other time can lead to the loss not only of income, but the business as a whole.

Use the link to read the Article prepared by Counsellor Olena Hladyuk for Yurydychna Gazeta.