Representative experience:

We advise on enforcement of Ukrainian legislation and international agreements on climate change (including the Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change). We provide legal assistance when concluding agreements on sales quotas for greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we advise foreign and domestic companies on obtaining various permits in the area of environmental protection.

Managing Partner of “Sergii Koziakov and Partners” Sergii Koziakov is a member of the Working Group for the preparation of the National Action Plan for Environmental Protection of Ukraine for the period of 2011 – 2015.

We are providing services for developing strategy of the National Environmental Policy of Ukraine, to include protection of air, water, land, forest resources, mineral resources, biological and landscape diversity as well as the sustainable use of natural resources, environmental policy integration. We also:

  • Participated in the drafting of the Environmental Management Plan “International Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Environmental Education and Distribution of Environmental Information”;
  • advised South Korean company providing legal analysis and opinions on the matters of the application of green tariff in Ukraine and potential changes due to the amendments to Ukrainian legislation as well as regarding the existing currency risk as to the feed-in-tariff matter under Ukrainian legislation;
  • advised European companies in the field of wind and solar energy on the functioning of the green tariff in Ukraine and factors that may affect the revision of such preferences;
  • advised the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Ukraine when drafting National Action Plan on Environmental Protection in Ukraine for the period of 2011-2015 on a pro bono basis.